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24 July 1997

Rio+5 Conference

Dear GENI Friend,

Usually I am optimistic about the world and our future — and only occasionally do I engage in pessimistic rhetoric. Then, certain things get me really angry and I write an opinion/editorial to the world media. Recent events are such an example.

Last month, many world leaders convened in New York for the Rio+5 Conference— to review our collective progress since the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. You may recall that six GENI supporters attended the Global Forum in Rio, presenting The GRID Initiative to thousands of people from around the world. That meeting was the largest ever gathering of world leaders who committed to improving the global environmental condition and reducing poverty.

Now, fast forward to the Rio+5 Conference at the United Nations in June. The Presidents and Prime Ministers reconvened, observed the statistics getting worse in most every major category and said 'we must do better.' The headline that set me off was:

World leaders say Earth is sick, but fail to agree on a cure.

New York Times Press Service, June 28, 1997

So I sat down and composed the attached Opinion/Editorial, suggesting that we're asking the wrong initial question in our search for solutions. The answers would enable our leaders to agree on a cure. This was sent to 140 key media organizations around the world with a request to publish.

Please consider doing the same. If you agree with the content, please copy and send this op-ed:

* to anyone who you personally know in the media

* to any media that you regularly read or watch

* and to anyone who could reprint the piece in their organization's newsletter.

You are part of the core team who supports this work month after month. It's clear that the world needs Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science thinking more than ever. Your voice and stand is critical in this effort to alter the direction we seem to be headed. Thank you for your commitment, your money and your time.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

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