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25 October 1997

Remembering Mother Teresa, Lady Diana and John Denver

Dear GENI Friend,

The world lost some great people this last month -- Mother Teresa, Lady Diana and now John Denver. I never met the two women, but had several occasions to talk and work with John -- which makes the loss much more personal.

John Denver was a true friend of GENI. In 1989, John taped an introduction to our first video,What If . . . A New Global Option. I was invited to present The GENI Initiative at the Buckminster Fuller Memorial Tribute that John hosted at his Windstar Choices for the Future conference. And I thanked John personally with the first copy of our Win-Win Solution video.

The last time we met was at The State of the World Forum, where he said we should do something together again. John worked to end world hunger, to protect the environment, and to forward the ideas of Buckminster Fuller. Attached is the introduction John delivered for the It's about time express our work better than any I know:

It's about time to turn the world around. . .
It's about time we start to live it, the family of man. It's about peace, it's about plenty and it's about time.

Our job is to fulfill this vision. Please consider these two options:

1. Next time you're talking with someone about GENI (in person or on the telephone), conference call me in San Diego so I can help with any questions or ideas to participate.

2. Help us promote this initiative in your company newsletter or a magazine that you read regularly. Enclosed are two Public Service Advertisements ( PSA 1 ) ( PSA 2 ) that were created for this purpose. Share this letter with the publisher/editor -- let them know John Denver fully endorsed this project. Ask the publication to run the ad in memory of John's commitment to the earth and humanity.

Because it's about time.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

PSA 1: The Missing Link to Sustainable Development
PSA 2: GENI: A Solution To Global Problems

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