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19 December 1997

Kyoto Protocol is an Historic Step

Dear GENI Friend,

Climate Change, Global Warming, Carbon Dioxide, Emission Trading, Coastal Flooding, Changing Weather Patterns, Farming Dislocations — all these and more have been headlines and debate issues over the past 2 weeks in Kyoto, Japan. I am sure you followed some of the reports.

Several leaders rightfully stated that the agreement will forever change the way we think about, produce and use our energy. In the end, the Kyoto Protocol is a historic step in the right direction. Yet, it is not sufficient when you see actual projections for the next twenty years. Last week, the International Energy Agency (the energy arm of the Organization for Economic and Cooperative Development) said that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are expected to grow by 50% to the year 2010. Most all of this increase will come from the developing countries.

Today, energy-hungry U.S. contributes 24% of the world's CO2 emissions compared to 5% from the developing nations. As you can see, there are two widely different points of view on the subject depending on where you live. As a summary to the Kyoto Protocol, I thought you might appreciate some of the reports we received daily during the conference via fax. The attached report from the National Environment Trust offers an excellent wrap-up on the final day of the Kyoto conference (from the point of view of the U.S.).

What I hope you will notice is the difference between Buckminster Fuller's comprehensive anticipatory design science approach versus the policy-makers who try to cap emissions and create tradable pollution permits. The later tries to beat back a rapidly growing fire — while the former builds an infrastructure so the fire diminishes as a natural course of development.

We believe this is a superior design approach*. Your support enables us to move forward with this strategy. Please help up bring this global vision to everyone's attention in 1998.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen


* The most thoughtful and scientific solution to the world's problems I've ever seen.

Ron Williams, Senior Research Director, General Motors

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