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25 March 1998

Buckminster Fuller Memorial Lecture at United States International University

Dear GENI Friend,

Your support means a lot to the realization of the GENI Initiative -- and to me personally. Each day I am blessed to be working on one of the world's most important projects. The enormity of the task is very humbling. There are many moments of joy and dejection along the road -- such as; if this is so good, how come it's taking so long?

There is one very satisfying recent experience that I want to share with you. Dr. Anwar Dil, co-author of "Humans in Universe" with Buckminster Fuller, invited me to give the Annual Buckminster Fuller Memorial Lecture at United States International University. It was a great honor to co-present with Dr. Valentin Berezhkov, who was a good friend of Bucky's and served as Stalin's translator for many years.

In my research for the lecture, I re-discovered so many ideas that influenced my thinking about the world. In many cases, each new paragraph offers a profound insight into how the world works -- or how it might work. I was inspired once again with the possibility that this thinking has for the planet. It may seem a bit trite to say: but GENI isn't just a job, it's a mission.

So, our 16 year old intern re-typed the entire presentation which is enclosed. She was moved to tears after the project -- and wanted to know why this stuff isn't taught in school. I hope you'll take a few minutes to rediscover the genius of Bucky — and within yourself.

Thank you for being a champion of this work. It's a special person that sees beyond their personal gratification to advance a positive vision for the world. Your financial support keeps Bucky's insights alive, and GENI working on the number one global priority*.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

* This grid is the World Game's highest priority objective,  Critical Path

Keywords : Rediscover the Genius of Bucky - and Within Yourself, sustainable development, global energy network institute, international electricity transmission, grid, power, environmental educational programs, peace, zero population growth, stabilization.

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