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26 June 1998

Walter Cronkite and Desmond Tutu Endorse The GENI Initiative!

Dear GENI Friend,

I will say it again -- News Anchorman Walter Cronkite and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu have given their endorsement of The GENI Initiative! This is HUGE. These are two of the most credible and respected people on the planet.

When I read these statements, my emotions soar. They understand the significance of this project at several levels, and both speak with conviction for its realization. The credential of this global strategy has increased dramatically.

These people are your partners!Their endorsement makes people listen. I experienced this at the Rotary International Convention last week. As people read that Walter Cronkite, Desmond Tutu and Boutros Boutros-Ghali endorse this project -- they immediately wanted to know what we do and how they might participate. They offer validity from the very beginning of the conversation. Share these endorsements with your business and spiritual leaders, policy-makers and the media. You can help extend the respect they have given us.

We would like to take full advantage of our recent good fortune -- yet our cash flow is down. In your hands you hold a tremendous opportunity to accelerate The GENI Initiative around the world, and to accomplish this we need some additional funding support now.

Enclosed is the GENI Pledge Form and return envelope — and I hope you will consider renewing and/or increasing your financial support. Monthly donations make a huge difference in our ability to produce these results. Please consider a pledge that is equal to your vision for world peace and prosperity.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

p.s. GENI has recently become the Global Energy Network Institute — which conducts research, education and advocacy of The GENI Initiative. It's a slight, but very positive shift in our name.

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