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26 August 1998

The GENI Initiative is featured in two global magazines this month!

Dear GENI Friend,

Our goal is to alter the course of an industry. The power industry builds infrastructure that must last for decades, and costs billions in investment. It is a conservative group that changes slowly. Shifting these companies and financiers is an enormous task.

This month -- right now -- we are taking The GENI Initiative into the heart of the energy industry. Attached is the cover photo of the IEEE Power Engineering Review, Aug. 1998 issue, reaching over 25,000 engineers world-wide! (I wish you could see it in color). The headline and caption: IEEE Power Engineering Review, Aug 1998

SUPERGRIDS: A Win-Win Solution for Sustainable Development.

Long distance transmission is now capable of reaching far beyond political boundaries. By tapping some of the world's abundant renewable energy resources in remote locations, we can now provide the electricity necessary for development in an environmental sustainable manner.

(This front cover caption was taken word-for-word from our paper!)

The Editor of Transmission and Distribution Magazine saw this presentation 6 months ago and asked if he could re-publish the paper in their first issue of China Global Power — in Chinese!!! You'll enjoy that magazine cover as well — distributed to over 20,000 Chinese engineers.

We added a critical section to that paper, focusing on the renewable energy potential in China. In the next few years, some of the most important global decisions will be made by China's energy ministers. Do they continue building a large coal-fired power planet every three weeks, or do they see other options to meet their growing demand in a more sustainable manner? We're on this planet together, and the choices they make will affect you, me and our children.

This is where your support is having a lasting impact on the planet. Publishing is a very credible and leveraged way to influence the thinking of this powerful community. You help make this happen with your contributions. Thank you! In two weeks, we'll be talking with these ministers and utility executives at the World Energy Congress. Report next month!

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

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