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26 September 1998

GENI presented to Energy Secretary Bill Richardson and former President George Bush

Dear GENI Friend,

Our goal is to alter the course of an industry. The power industry builds infrastructure that must last for decades, and costs billions in investment. It is a conservative group that changes slowly. Shifting these companies and financiers is an enormous task.

Sound familiar? That's the very same introduction from last month. What's different is our recent participation in the World Energy Conference in Houston, Texas (September 13-17)*. The GENI Exhibit was seen by energy officials from 90 nations. While each day had many important meetings, sharing this initiative with George Bush and Bill Richardson were two highlights. Both men served as United Nations Ambassadors -- and have global respect. We will work to secure their endorsement and funding support.

I have enclosed two reports to give you a sense of the event. First, the Houston Chronicle reported President Bush's keynote address, stressing the need to transcend political boundaries. WEC Chairman John Baker focused on the environmental consequences of a world awash in cheap oil. Today, all the WEC delegates are aware of the 2 billion in the world that are totally unserved by any electrical infrastructure -- the lights and refrigeration that we take for granted.

In their final report, the Recommendations for the Future of Energy, it is clear that the traditional sources of energy (coal, oil, gas, nuclear and large hydro) will remain with us for the foreseeable future. The enormous investments of capital and equipment make for slow changes. However, for the very first time the WEC Exposition had a Renewable Energy Pavilion with over 50 providers of solar, wind, geothermal and biomass technologies. You'll see that Recommendation B encourages the development of renewable energy resources.

This strategy is more credible than ever before. Your support made this happen! Linking renewables around the world  is a real conversation -- and more needed than ever. Now, we want to push with increased intensity, and your dedicated contributions make this possible.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen


* special thanks to Joe Falcon, Susan Meredith, Latrell Maples, Kathleen O'Connell, Jim Cathcart, Doug Gurkin, Nancy Reddemun and Ron & Catherine McLain for exhibit support!

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