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25 November 1998

The GENI Initiative connects at The 1998 State of the World Forum

Dear GENI Friend,

We have been honored to participate in The State of the World Forum (SWF) for the past four years. World leaders in business, academia, religion and government convene for a week to explore solutions to the major global issues. The GENI Initiative gets stronger every year — as we brought recent endorsements from: Steve Donovan, SWF Trustee; Rustom Roy, science advisor to SWF; and Walter Cronkite, 1997 SWF keynote address. See attached.

This years highlights involved personal conversations (and requests for endorsement) with four people, two from Australia and two from the U.K. Richard Butler is the Director of UNSCOM and former Australian Ambassador to the United Nations and Gareth Evans is the Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Australian Parliament. If you are an Aussie, why not contact these two statesman and encourage their support? Joseph Rotblatt is the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for the Pugwash Conferences and Tom Spencer is Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense for the European Parliament, as well as Int'l Chairman of Global Legislators for a Balanced Environment. If you have English roots, please contact these two on our behalf.

On a more personal note, we recently had a terrific feature column about GENI's early days. It's a bit more intimate than the usual article. To elevate our promotion, we recently put together the one page Speaker/Author page on myself seeking presentation opportunities on The GENI Initiative to all who will listen. Please share this with any meeting planner, university think tank, Rotary Club or association executive.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

p.s. It's December, and you are probably considering some year end contributions, or a new pledge for 1999. We would love to be included! Just call or write. Your tax-deductible support is also possible with real estate, stocks, vehicles and children.Okay, not the kids.

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