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26 February 1999

The Good News from South Africa and India-Pakistan!

Dear GENI Friend,

At times, we present to you some of the world's most dire situations and predictions. Our goal is to make you aware and hopefully inspire some action. This month we are thrilled to report some great news about electrification in the world, and the huge difference it makes.

South African President Nelson Mandela is completing his term of office. During his final speech, he recounted the many accomplishments. In particular, electricity was connected to 2 million people (over 1000 people/day!) and clean water brought to 3 million in the townships. This is an extraordinary effort to bring basic services to people living in poverty.

Just a few months ago, India and Pakistan exploded nuclear weapons in a tit-for-tat testing. Last week, the prime ministers met to explore options to diffuse their tensions. One solution: an electrical interconnection between the two nations for mutual import/export of power. This is what GENI proposed at the World Energy Conference in Houston (Sept. 98), and this is now being planned by their energy ministers. This is a huge breakthrough in cooperation!

This is how our results show up in the world. We talk with, and send The GENI Initiative to policy-makers in critical regions. We offer an alternative to divisive issues, suggesting they examine this proposal which can benefit all parties. Your support makes this possible. Our goal is to accelerate this process elsewhere -- affecting the lives of millions.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen


p.s. We are endowed with a growing list of expert endorsements. Most recently, Andrew Rice, Chair Emeritus of the International Development Conference, wrote:

I admire the work you have been doing and was glad to be brought up-to-date on the progress of the GENI Initiative. As one who has been deeply involved in international development issues for more than 40 years, I see the creation of a global renewable energy network as a major element in bringing better living standards to all the world in an environmentally sustainable manner.


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