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29 June 1999

Rotary International Convention and Notes

from Asia: the good and bad news

Dear GENI Friend,

We have just returned from the Rotary International Conference in Singapore. Rotary is a global organization (1.2 million members in 160 nations meeting weekly in 27,000 clubs) comprised of civic-mined business people. Our GENI exhibit had a prime corner location at the convention center, with exposure to thousands of global Rotarians.

The Rotary Foundation's mission includes cleaning the environment, ending hunger and pursuing cooperation between peoples. GENI is seeking their partnership with our initiative, and our proposal is now endorsed by 130 Rotary clubs! If you have a Rotary connection, we would love your club's support as well.

While in Asia, one sees things and gets reports that might otherwise go unnoticed. The New Straits Times has widespread exposure throughout Southeast Asia. Last Sunday, both the environmental problem and cure were featured in the Science section:

- Problem: Haze alert over the Indian Ocean

- Solution: Green Bhutan taps gilded energy source

As you read these two articles, you'll see the same global/regional issues we have been working on — but now they are being felt through the most populous region on earth.

I was asked by several people if we're going to make it? — or if the planet is destined to expanding pollution and misery for many. No one person or organization has that answer.

I do know that we can continue to educate, push, cajole and persist. You make this effort possible. We thank you for holding the vision with us — as the results will affect literally billions of people in Asia, and around the world.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen


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