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23 July 1999

Join GENI at Hemispheric Energy Ministers Conference

Dear GENI Friend,

You can join GENI (via cyberspace) at the Western Hemispheric Energy Ministers Conference this week in New Orleans, July 28 - 30th. US Energy Secretary Bill Richardson is hosting all ministers from North, Central and South America as part of the Summit of the Americas process.

In 1994, these leaders first convened to foster sustainable economic growth, increased trade and poverty alleviation. The energy ministers shared the common goal of creating efficient, environmentally sound and secure energy markets. One of their primary goals included the electrical integration of power networks between countries.

Mercosur; the trading bloc of Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina, and the Central American nations are progressing with regional power networks, and most nations have bilateral energy links.

However, the results lag far behind the intentions. Canada and the U.S. are extensively interconnected, and both have energy/capita figures that are 5 - 20 times the average citizen in Latin America. But America runs primarily on fossil and nuclear fuels, while Central and South America are blessed with ample hydro and geothermal potential.

Power grid integration of this hemisphere will foster economic growth and a cleaner environment. You can participate in this dialogue through the conference web site:


You and I are fortunate to live where issues like safe drinking water and infant mortality rates are rarely discussed. I hope you'll find the enclosed statistics for the Americas enlightening. Thank you again for your support,as it allows us to personally meet and prod these policy-makers towards a more equitable future for everyone.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen


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