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27 October 1999

US-Africa Energy Minister's Summit

Dear GENI Friend,

The best way to predict the future is to create itis a quote that I love. The GENI Initiative has the opportunity to create positive change next month throughout Africa!

You will recall that just two months ago, US Energy Secretary Bill Richardson hosted the Latin American Energy Minister's Summit. With your support, we pre-mailed to all energy ministers and fully participated in the exhibition and dialogue. The outcome: a pledge by the Latin American Energy Ministers to work together towards integration of the entire continent!

Now Secretary Richardson is inviting all African Energy Ministers to convene in Tucson, Arizona on December 13 – 15. Attached is the announcement, plus Calvin Humphrey's statement on Africa's energy infrastructure requirements. As you'll see, the need in Africa is enormous, and the challenges are daunting.

This conference is a trimtab event — where we can accelerate the commitment by ministers, development banks and the media to the strategy of linking renewable resources throughout the continent for the benefit of all.

You saw the Dept. of Energy Press Release from the Latin America Energy Ministers Summit. In two months, we hope to send you a similar commitment by all African ministers. Your support enables us to contact these delegates, show up with the GENI exhibit and press them towards cooperation via their power networks. The result: clean water, education for women and children, reduced infant mortality and birth rates, increased literacy and quality of life.

That's what we all want.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen


p.s. Our largest expense for this summit is in printing, pre-mailing and handouts of The GENI Initiative to all African Energy Ministers. Your extra support would be welcome!


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