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26 November 1999

May you live in interesting times

Dear GENI Friend,

Last month, you learned of the US-African Energy Minister's Summit in Tucson. We have just sent a substantial package on the GENI Initiative to all African Ministers. We'll be setting up our exhibit — at no cost — and the US Dept. of Energy has invited us to participate on the Africa infrastructure development panel! We'll feature the Summit report next month.

We're into the final month of 1999. In reviewing the issues and headlines of the year, I found the challenges remaining in our world to be numerous, and daunting. I'd like to share some of these headlines with you — in hope you'll be grateful for your own life and inspired to do more in 2000:

Over the past few months, the momentum for the GENI strategy quickened around the world. As you can see from the issues above, we still have a long way before a world that works for everyone. But if the job was easy — it would already be done. This vision makes the task all the more worth doing. We do live in exciting and interesting times.

Happy holidays to you and your family,

Peter Meisen


p.s. Y2K is here. Numerous people have asked us what will happen — and the only honest answer is that no one knows for sure. My recommendation: prepare as you would for an earthquake, and get your business records in order. The enclosed Y2K pamphlet offers a good checklist.


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