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17 December 1999

US-Africa Energy Minister's Summit

Dear GENI Friend,

We have just returned from the US-African Energy Minister's Summit in Tucson. It was a huge opportunity to forward our work — as 48 African Ministers travelled around the world to find common ground in their desire to improve the quality of life on the continent.

Attached is their Joint Statement on Sustainable Development and Cooperation in Support of the Environment. As you already know, Africa has multiple challenges to deal with. What's notable is their agreement to tackle these issues in the open, and in a spirit of enhancing the condition of the whole as they work within the confines of their national governments.

Out of your support, I am thrilled to report the influence we had on the summit. You'll see under Targeted Areas for Cooperation, the first item is: Regional Energy Integration; programs and activities, among government and public and private sectors, to promote:

(1) electricity grid interconnection and power pooling, including supply and transmission development.

If placement is at all important, we made the top of the list!

More than ever before, your backing enabled us to produce more international cooperation during the past year. Both Latin American and African Ministers have now committed to this strategy for their common welfare. And if the stars all line up, San Diego (with GENI's full participation) will be hosting the Asian Energy Ministers in May 2000. Our work is definitely accelerating globally, and you deserve much of the credit.

Happy holidays to you and your family,

Peter Meisen

p.s. Our desire is to be the favorite check you write every month. We don't wish to be just another bill — instead, a promise that carries the hopes expressed so well by the African Ministers. Please consider a renewed pledge to The GENI Initiative for the new millennium.


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