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25 February 2000

"Grid connection – the key to cooperation" in Middle East

Dear GENI Friend,

Ten years ago, we were going to co-host an international energy meeting in Kuwait on the economic, environmental and social benefits of power system integration. Then Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait — so our conference was moved to Winnipeg, Canada. The results of those discussions are finally bearing fruit in the Middle East.

Joe Falcon, past President of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers participated in the Winnipeg event — and eventually became a GENI Board Member out of his commitment to this vision for the world. Last week, Joe forwarded the Middle East Market Report which indicates their renewed commitment to energy system cooperation.

The final paragraph highlights what we have been promoting for years:Faced by spiraling demand and tight budgets stemming from oil price uncertainty, governments throughout the region are realizing that practical collaboration is infinitely more beneficial – and profitable – than lip-service to abstract ideals of regional fraternity. And economic integration both requires and encourages political harmony - an especially valuable prize for this, of all regions.

Equally exciting is the upcoming trio of event meetings in San Diego: San Diego may turn into a mecca for energy. US Energy Secretary Richardson has hosted the ministers of Latin America and Africa — where we pushed The GENI Initiative to the top of their agenda. Now, the APEC (Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Energy Ministers are convening in San Diego because GENI pressed for it. With Asia's exploding population and energy demand, this is our chance to influence the most important region of the world.

Thank you for keeping this vision alive. The pieces seem to be falling into place for this highest priority objective of the World Game. The challenge that remains is transitioning to non-polluting energy resources as quickly as possible to moderate the impacts of climate change from fossil fuel use. I hope you can see how your support is affecting the world!

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

p.s. The Bucky Fuller one-man play info is one the web: www.sandiegorep.com/bucky.htm


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