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29 March 2000

Life Imitates Art

Dear GENI Friend,

What follows is GENI's Letter to the Editor sent after the attached 2 articles were featured:

The confluence of two seeming separate features may have gone unnoticed by many. Yet art and reality sometimes merge as visionaries give us a glimpse of what the future holds.

Your Night and Day featured the Lyceum's Theater's upcoming play on Buckminster Fuller :The History and Mystery of the Universe. Bucky has been called the 'Leonard da Vinci of the 20th Century', with numerous patents and futuristic designs.

The U-T's cover story was on Power Sharing — where Sempra Energy and ABB are expanding and retrofitting a polluting power plant in Rosarito, Mexico into a cleaner natural gas-fired plant. The increased capacity will serve the growing energy demand of northern Baja California, and have excess electricity to sell back to the energy-hungry San Diego region.

Students of Buckminster Fuller will recall his World Game simulation — which endeavors to find solutions to humanity's problems that are environmentally sustainable. Thirty years ago, Bucky's premier strategy was to interconnect the electrical energy networks between nations for the same mutual benefits stated in your article. He went a step further in proposing that renewable energy could eventually serve all our energy needs.

The realities of international politics, environmental review and financing often delay infrastructure development for many years. In May, San Diego will host the APEC(Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation) Energy Ministers — who have the world's fastest growing population and energy demand. Our local Power Sharing project will serve us well — and can offer a model of cooperation for the APEC energy ministers.

For the sake of our planet, let's hope that Fuller's strategy will be embraced more quickly in Asia."

On occasion you will see similar stories and relationships that you can influence. Write a letter to the editor. They want to hear from readers — and they need to be fully informed. Our job is to accelerate sustainable development globally, and this is something everyone can do.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen


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