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29 April 2000

Korean Dialogue — Worth the Wait

Dear GENI Friend,

Part of GENI's strategy is to focus on the world's hot spots — offering the parties an alternative to the divisive rhetoric that we see in the news. This trimtab effort by GENI is designed to shift nations towards a mutually beneficial initiative. Then we can point to that region and say,

If those nations can do it, then this energy integration can occur anywhere

For GENI's long time supporters, you will recall our efforts to promote the electrical interconnection between North and South Korea in 1994. This began at the time when North Korea was beginning a nuclear program which made all its neighbors nervous. Enclosed is the cover letter we sent to all the stake-holders, suggesting the benefits of linking Japan, Russia, China and North and South Korea.

Change takes time — and sometimes a lot longer due to geopolitics.

I was heartened by the recent announcement of the upcoming summit between the Presidents of North and South Korea. Then a you read deep into the story you find:

One potential reward widely mentioned yesterday as a possible recompense for giving South Korean president such a diplomatic vindication on the eve of South Korea's elections was a reconnection of the power grids between the two countries,enabling the booming South to furnish desperately needed electricity.

While this statement doesn't have the emotional impact of feeding starving children or inoculating babies from disease — the ultimate result will be just that. Sufficient electricity will enable the North to pump and filter water, refrigerate food and medicine, and extend the day with lighting for the education of women and children. This is where your contribution makes a difference over many years. And I want you to know the difference you are making.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen


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