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1 August 2000

Success on 2 Continents!

Dear GENI Friend,

While the work of GENI deals with many of the global problems, we also see positive signs on every continent. The computer meltdown of Y2K did not occur (and the lights remained on!) It now seems that society wants to find solutions to pollution, poverty, overpopulation and conflict, and not just lay blame at the feet of another country or ethnic group.

Enclosed are two important milestones — although seemingly from completely different arenas. You'll recall the APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation) Energy Ministers meeting in San Diego just three months ago. The final communique was favorable to the GENI Initiative, but buried deep into the rhetoric of bureaucratic-speak. Now, we have received word from the ASEAN (Assoc. of Southeast Asian Nations) Energy Ministers meeting in Hanoi last month. They made the clear commitment to accelerate the integration of the Trans-ASEAN gas and electrical networks, with a pledge to expand renewable resources development!

Shifting to San Francisco and the theater production: Buckminster Fuller, the History and Mystery of the Universe. This play was born in San Diego, and GENI was part of the process. But how would it be received in a major theater market? Well, the reviews are gushing, the audiences standing, and we get to sell books, maps and tell the GENI story five nights a week. The show has been extended until Sept. 3rd if you have friends in the area. Then the show is returning to San Diego from Sept. 14 - Oct. 8th! You may never think the same way again.

Now we are focussed on the United Nations Millennium Assembly next month in New York. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has invited all world leaders to convene an discuss the major global challenges. As with the past energy summits, GENI has been contacting all UN Ambassadors, UN department staff , Prime Ministers and Presidents — asking them to consider this strategy in-depth and discuss it while in New York. You make this possible with your support — and you'll be this first one to hear if we are successful there as well.

In partnership for the planet

Peter Meisen


p.s. I'm very sorry for the delay in this month's report. Computer upgrades can also upset a well oiled, yet older system. Thanks to Jim Cathcart for your generous Macintosh contribution!


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