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24 August 2000

Are we reaching people who make the decisions? Yes!

Is it fast enough? Maybe not!

Dear GENI Friend,

The energy issue is a very hot topic in my hometown right now. San Diego County is the first in the nation to fully deregulate the electricity sector — thus allowing market forces to determine rates. This summer, inadequate supply of electrical generation on hot days has escalated the cost of power — and heated debate across the region.

With this backdrop, the local newspaper called us to discuss our strategy — hoping that GENI might have some short-term fix to high energy prices (we don't). What resulted is a good feature on GENI and our mission. While the article isn't comprehensive, it educates thousands of people for the very first time to this specific strategy for the planet.

Then we received the attached letter from Lee Yuen Hee, Director of Resource Development of the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry. He was responding to our letter to the Prime Minister of Singapore as we prepare for the upcoming United Nations Millennium Summit. As you'll see, we can count on Mr. Hee and Singapore as partners in our work. Remember, well crafted letters with sound back-up material get the attention of the world's leaders. I invite you to take the time to write them when you can — as it does matter!

The question remains — is it fast enough? No one truly knows — but the shocker for me this week was the picture of the North Pole as an open body of water instead of the usual 6-9 feet of sea ice. If you need any more evidence on climate change, then this should do it. Buckminster Fuller said that it often requires a crisis before society will affect change — that we emerge through emergency. But energy trends are years in the making, and come with no quick fixes. So, the sooner we change course, the better for all.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

p.s. For reports on GENI at UN Millennium Summit, Sept 6-8, go to www.geni.org/exclusive


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