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27 October 2000

We research, educate & promote — ABB (and others) build

Dear GENI Friend,

Ten years ago, two electrical engineers from Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) participated in the International Workshop that GENI hosted in Winnipeg, Canada. Five years ago, we had the opportunity to meet with an Exec.VP, and now President, of ABB in Zurich, Switzerland. This company and a few global engineering firms build the energy infrastructure that keep our lights on.

Please know that neither GENI nor I hold any equity interest in ABB, and this is not a recommendation of their stock. What we do want to share is their recent PowerLink newsletter and the subjects that are discussed.

It appears that our issues have become their projects. The headlines jump off the page:

The paragraph that speaks with such knowledgeable perception:

While the field of electricity generation has the undivided attention of policy makers all over the world, the delivery systems — i.e. transmission and distribution — does not seem to get in focus the same way. However, common wisdom tells us that it's not how much one generates, that counts — it's how much and how one delivers!

They make a good case for tapping renewables as electricity demands grows. The ABB newsletter argues against three myths: renewables must be local and small scale, and that we must reduce electricity use to reduce pollution. In truth, renewables can be developed anywhere, at any size, and that development of this kind is critical to meet the world's growing demand.

Some might ask the question; who is driving the dialogue? GENI or ABB or others? The answer is: it's a synergy of multiple players. But GENI receives no financial benefit from these projects. We can offer a thoughtful, unbiased argument for policy makers, without looking for a possible contract down the road. The more we can influence both the big energy firms and 200 governments, the realization of this initiative accelerates.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

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