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26 February 2001

Population Growth & Global Warming both Up — neither is positive.

Dear GENI Friend,

While I would always prefer to report on the positive trends in the world (like last month's notice of the North/South Korean link), that optimism can mask some very real challenges we face. As one who is committed to the global agenda, we think it's important to also share the tough stuff.

A recent U.S. intelligence report looked at Global Trends 2015, and offered a sobering possibility for our growing population. Human bodies are 80% water, and the Earth is covered 70% by water. Yet 3 billion people may live in water stressed regions very soon. Almost all new population growth is projected for urban areas in the developing world. Meaning: water, sewer, roads, homes and power systems which are currently insufficient, may only get worse.

On top of that news, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported that earlier global warming projections may have been too cautious. While a warmer climate sounds appealing, the disruptions to farming patterns, rainfall amounts, coastal flooding and expanding droughts are cause for serious concern in every nation. The unprecedented increase in CO2 emissions, primarily from burning fossil fuels, places everyone into this climatic experiment with no escape.

So what can anyone do? Is the situation hopeless? We think not. The energy crisis in the western U.S. is forcing everyone to refocus on the potential of renewable energy. Birth rates are actually falling all around the world. We think this is a race that we either all win, or all lose. GENI is working to make all nations aware of an initiative that will relieve the above two problems. It's a continuous process of global education.

Thank you for your financial support, and for making this work possible — for us all.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

p.s. In two weeks we are going to Mexico to push the plan to interconnect the Yucatan, Mexico underwater to Cuba and then on the Florida. While this may be a political non-starter right now, just a few years ago the German and Korean unification were also deemed impossible.

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