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26 March 2001

UK to boost renewables — Syria/Jordan link up

Dear GENI Friend,

This work offers me a unique view into the global energy world. Energy is what enables our economy to run — and it's also the major source of global pollution. We invest more in this infrastructure than any other industry, and it's our largest working machine on the planet.

Last week I had the good fortune to participate in two energy conferences at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London: Renewables: Are they Ready? and Keeping the Lights On: Tradition or Innovation? Several of the leading experts offered their assessment of recent trends and future projections.

On the question of renewables, the consensus is that solar and wind power are growing rapidly — 30% per year. However, their installed capacity is still minuscule in comparison to fossil fuel. If governments provided green incentives, carbon emission trading or cost buy-downs, these renewables would develop even faster and in more countries. Unfortunately, fossil fuel still predominates globally.

The second question is best answered by reframing the title to Tradition and Innovation. There are some very exciting new technologies defined as distributed generation that will start to proliferate: micro-turbines, combined cycle gas turbines and fuel cells. These power sources may supply a high-rise building, an industrial user, and maybe eventually your house and car.

Enclosed are two international reports that provide concrete examples of linking transmission systems and tapping renewables. Tony Blair's pledge to fund renewables is a critical step that every nation could take. And the Syria-Jordan intertie continues the regional grid expansion among the Arab states. This is the message that GENI champions to every government.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

p.s. Almost everyone is aware of the present California energy crisis. By reading the attached two stories you will find some long term answers to our own domestic problem. Please forward them to your friends and colleagues in the Golden State.

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