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25 May 2001

President Bush's Energy Strategy — The Dalai Lama's Endorsement

Dear GENI Friend,

Energy has become the dominant issue of the day. Gasoline prices are at record highs and predicted to increase. Natural gas supplies have been constrained, causing price spikes. And electricity rates rise as a function of natural gas needed to fuel the power plants. This triple-whammy hits everyone's wallet — and the added expense can be overwhelming for people on fixed incomes.

United States President Bush and Vice-President Cheney released their National Energy Plan — which we would describe as something for everyone. If you want tax breaks for hybrid cars and efficient appliances, it's in there. They are pushing for conservation in all federal facilities, and encouraging it throughout the economy. They want to ease licensing of nuclear power and open up new drilling for oil and gas. There are statements about supporting renewable energy development.

Half of the GENI Initiative received top attention by the plan. In his launch, President Bush stated:


Today, our electrical system is almost as bumpy as our highway were 80 years ago. We have chopped our country into dozens of local electricity markets, which are haphazardly connected to one another. For example, a weak link in California's electrical grid makes it difficult to transfer power from the southern part of the state to the north, where the blackouts have been worse. Highways connect Miami with Seattle; phone lines link Los Angeles and New York. It is time to match our interstate highway and phone systems with an interstate electrical grid. And here. Too, technology will make a big difference. Electricity markets used to be localized because wires could not carry electrical current over long distances. More and better wires can efficiently ship power across the country, reducing the threat of local blackouts or outages.

When the President of the United States speaks, people around the world pay attention. We are heartened that the interconnection of energy systems has become universally recognized. The challenge that remains — to catalyze the transition to major renewable energy resource development on every continent, instead of more gas, oil, coal and nuclear. Your support is critical. Thank you for keeping the vision with us.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

p.s. We have just received the endorsement of Nobel Peace Prize honoree, The Dalai Lama of Tibet!

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