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October 31, 2001

The World Energy Conference Report and Request for your Support

Dear GENI Friend,

The GENI Institute has participated in every World Energy Conference (WEC) since 1992, and I return both encouraged and challenged. We're hopeful, as you'll see from the enclosed report on regional integration in Latin America. Yet, our exhibit was small in comparison to the major oil and gas companies taking part in the trade exhibition.

Our stature was elevated greatly by receiving the support of Argentine Energy Minister Alejandro Sruoga, I endorse the GENI Initiative and encourage others to do likewise. In the WEC article, Favouring regional integration, six Latin American Energy Ministers spoke in concert to the benefits of linking the energy networks between their nations. When you realize the attendance of WEC members from around the world, the message is the same for all continents.

From our WEC exhibit, Milena Boggio and Ashley Gardner distributed 1500 new GENI CD-ROM and our new 4th Quarter newsletter,CD-ROM image. The goal of both is to accelerate worldwide investment towards renewable energy resources.

We plan to send this newsletter to over 14,000 people globally, including the top leadership in every nation, the media and United Nations. With sufficient funding, we would like to include the CD-ROM to all international contacts as well. To accomplish this, we invite your support now. Our specific targets are attached -- and we especially appreciate monthly contributors. In thanks, we'll send you the new CD-ROM for contributions at any level.

In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

CD-ROM: There is no energy crisis features a 7 minute film plus extensive material on electricity, renewable energy, power grids, Bucky Fuller, population and development. It will change the world.

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