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December 4, 2001

Poverty and environmental degradation can lead to terrorism.

Write a letter to your policy-maker now.

Dear GENI Friend,

Terrorism surely has many causes, and we may never understand the extremist mind set. Yet, poverty is surely a breeding ground for unrest and violence. A society that remains repressed in a world of abundance will ultimately want an equitable share of resources, quality of life, health care, etc. This is the essence of UNEP Director, Klaus Toepfer, addressing a post-September 11 plan of action.

Buckminster Fuller posed the essential question in the World Game simulation:

How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without environmental damage or disadvantage to anyone?

The GENI Initiative is the number one solution to this question. That is: the interconnection of electrical grids between nations with an emphasis on tapping local and remote renewable energy resources. Building wind farms in Texas, buying your energy from Green Mountain Energy, or putting photovoltaic cells on your rooftop are all part of the answer. In fact, wind and solar energy are growing at 24% and 18% respectively, the fastest rate of any energy development in the world today!

But that's not enough. Our political leaders have tools that can help accelerate new technologies: through incentives, tax credits and rebates, government buy-downs, land lease/grants and R & D funding. With these devices, our government officials can alter the course of an entire industry.

We invite you to contact your Senator, Prime Minister, Governor with a letter today. Ask them to consider this strategy within your nation and with your neighbors. As an example, enclosed is GENI's letter to Senator Daschle, as that body is voting on the National Energy Plan next month. What if you knew there was enough renewable energy capacity to meet all your electrical needs? (See CNN's summary of the 2001 plan)

Have a wonderful holidays and happy New Year,

Peter Meisen

CD-ROM: There is no energy crisis features a 7 minute film plus extensive material on electricity, renewable energy, power grids, Bucky Fuller, population and development. It will change the world.

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