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February 4, 2002

Wind, Wind, Wind and
don't forget to turn out the light.

Dear GENI Friend,

If you invest in real estate, the mantra is always location, location, location. Just two years ago, the U.S. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson was speaking on the opportunities coming in the renewable energy sector. He made his point by encouraging everyone to get into wind, wind, wind.

The GENI team has been fortunate to push our initiative through the International Practices Committee, of the IEEE Power Engineering Society. At last week's conference in New York, we coordinated the panel session, Harnessing Untapped Wind Potential Worldwide. Our goal is to accelerate the development of this clean, cost-competitive technology.

Now, wind energy grew 31% last year, up from a 24% rate the previous year. There are several European Union nations that have committed to a Renewable Portfolio Standard of 20% by 2010.

This portends a significant investment in wind energy over the next decade. (Do you remember those leading companies of the computer revolution?) Lester Brown writes an excellent summary of the wind industry in the attached piece.

While the supply side is critical, just as important is our attention to energy efficiency and conservation. Reducing our demand for a kilowatt, is the best way to save energy and money. Last year, Californians were faced with skyrocketing electricity costs, which fostered a campaign for demand reduction throughout the state. You want to save money? Turn off the lights!

We are seeing unprecedented changes in the energy industry: deregulation, bankruptcies, price gouging, globalization, new technologies, emission trading. Through all of this, GENI continues to be recognized as a thoughtful strategy towards a sustainable future for all. I want to thank you for your contributions — making this work possible. In uncertain times, a clear vision offers a pathway.

In partnership for the planet

Peter Meisen

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