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April 5, 2002

GENI's 2002 Game Plan

Dear GENI Friend,

As a GENI supporter, we always want to keep you informed of our progress. Every year, we review our results and make plans for the next. The challenge is huge: how can a small organization impact international policies and development? We ask several important questions:

  • who are the critical people and organizations to stay in communication?
  • What high leverage events should we be attending?
  • Are there any new tools that would help accelerate the mission?
  • What's missing, that if created, would make the difference?
  • How can we be a trimtab to effect the desired changes?

Enclosed you'll see our plans for this year. This list is always larger than our ability to fulfill, but

70-80% completion means significant headway. If you ever wonder how your contributions are used — see the Game Plan. Some of the 2002 projects are already complete — and we welcome your assistance with any specific item.

I also want to share an excellent editorial from Alan Sweedler, Director of the San Diego State University's Center for Energy Studies. Professor Sweedler has followed our work for many years, and offers a keen insight on the international border issues between California and Mexico. This region offers a unique relationship between developed and developing economies. Resolving cross border issues here can then be modeled by governments around the world.

We invite you to join in this work more fully. As you can see, there is much to do and we seek partners in all these projects. If you have a special expertise, know a key official, write well, extra time to volunteer or contribute financially — it all makes a difference. Thank you for all that you have done.

In partnership for the planet

Peter Meisen

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