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Where Do You Look—Inside or Outside?

Goals that involve getting can be very powerful. Sam's goal of becoming an astronaut led him to travel the world and transcend his former limits. Laura's goal led her to true spiritual happiness. My own goal of becoming an authority on personal growth led me to transform my limited life and vastly expand my horizons. In many ways, you have done the same over the years. Notice it.

Goals that involve giving can be even more powerful. When we connect with a cause outside of ourselves, we have more of an influence on others. Think of the best known businesses that did this. GENI was formed in order to give adequate energy to all people in order to meet their living needs. Apple Computer was founded with the goal of making technology work for everyone. Ford Motor Company built cars that the average person could afford and use. Disneyland was created to become "the happiest place on earth." The New York Times informs us daily with "all the news that's fit to print." The great insurance companies began as a way for people to share the expense and reduce the impact of loss or disaster.

The movement that has revolved around Mother Teresa's ministry grew out of her intense desire to help "the poorest of the poor." In every case, an impulse to give or to get gave meaning to those involved.

Look around you again—what do you care about? What would you change? Look wider. Examine your daily life, your community, your family, your business. What are you concerned about? What would you change?

Maybe you can change things for the better. Maybe the seeds of a greater contribution already live within you. Write down your thoughts. Notice what excites or bothers you. Think about it. Think beyond it to a better condition. How could you initiate some actions that would grow new possibilities for those affected?

Grow where you are planted. Then branch out toward even more... toward meaning.

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