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Huge population growth forecast for poorer nations

Wednesday, Aug 18, 2004

Washington -- Developing countries will grow about 14 times as fast as rich, industrialized countries between now and 2050, the Population Reference Bureau projected yesterday.

The population of more developed countries -- the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and some in Europe -- is 1.2 billion but is projected to increase by barely 4 per cent by 2050 and remain less than 1.3 billion, the private U.S. agency said.

The 5.2 billion population of less developed countries is projected to grow 55 per cent by 2050 and to exceed eight billion.

India would become the most populous country, surpassing China.

The United States is the biggest exception among industrialized countries; its population is expected to rise 43 per cent to 420 million. Cox

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