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By Jim Cathcart, The Acorn Letter, Vol. 3, Issue 1, 1996

For many years I have been following the work of a wonderful man Peter Meisen. Peter has taken on the mission of furthering the work of R. Buckminster Fuller, one of the great geniuses of this century. Fuller, known best as the inventor of the geodesic dome, devised a plan by which all the people of the world could both improve their standards of living and eliminate the need to take things from each other. Think on that for a minute. If that were accomplished we would have a virtual heaven on earth.

Fuller determined by exhaustive scientific study that we really are capable of doing this. There is enough renewable energy (not fossil fuels) on earth to meet all the electrical needs of all the population centers in the world for hundreds of years to come. The problem is that this energy is either in remote regions or is being used only in certain political fiefdoms.

If we could connect energy lines across time zones and political boundaries, it is possible to provide for everybod's energy needs...everybodv's. He further discovered that when people had access to affordable adequate energy; healthcare improved, education advanced, and, most surprising of all, population growth leveled off or decreased! Now if that is not adequate motivation for the world to cooperate, I don't know what could be.

Peter Meisen took it upon himself to not let this idea die with Dr. Fuller. Peter formed Global Energy Network International, GENI, based in San Diego and has been circling the globe meeting with heads of state and environmental leaders to further this cause. At last report, Peter said that fifty two countries are now connected and are sharing energy across borders, time zones and continents.

Meisen says, "Everything is the function of an electron going through a wire. We (developed nations) have a lot of it (energy) and 2 billion people have none. We have the technology to transmit high voltage power 4,000 miles. Yet some cities have to shut down their power plants occasionally due to a lack of resources. That means the machines, lights and appliances also shut down... and often so does learning. This cannot and should not continue."

GENI's offices in Russia, Alaska, New Zealand, Germany and Australia are staffed by volunteers. The organization, whose motto is "Committed to improving the quality of life for everyone without damage to the planet," is led by Peter Meisen and a full time marketing director based in San Diego. Individual donations are their primary revenue source. They mail the GENI newsletter to every president aud prime minister in the world. If you too would like to know about GENI and encourage their work for all of us, contact them at:

P.O. Box 81565
San Diego, CA 92138

Phone 619-595-0139
Fax 619-595-0403

E-mail: info@geni.org
Website: http://www.geni.org

Peter Meisen with Mikhail Gorbachev