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Two electricity grid agreements between Syria and Lebanon

(ArabicNews.com, Syria-Lebanon, Economics, 7/20/2001)

Syria and Lebanon on Thursday signed two agreements on electricity grids between the two states. On the Syrian side the agreement was signed by the electricity minister Munib Saem al-Daher and the Lebanese side by the minister of energy and water Muhammad Abdul Hameed Beydoun, in the presence of electricity officials in the electricity establishments in Syria and Lebanon.

The first agreement states electricity grid at 400 Kilovolt voltage while the second agreement states the commercial framework for the relations between the two states to this effect.

Meantime, the 8- member ministerial committee of the 6th electricity grid states had concluded its works in Beirut on Thursday with the participation of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Lebanon.

The six ministers taking part in the meetings signed a minute of meetings which made remarks to convening the 9th meeting of the committee in Ankara in the year 2002, at the invitation of the Turkish minister of the energy, besides also convening the meeting of the technical committee and the planning committee in Ankara.

Following the final session the Syrian minister noted important results concluded by the meetings of the committee. He said that "the ministers listened to a call made by the Lebanese President Emil Lahoud and the prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri on the need to continue and accelerate the completion of the next phases of the project.

The Syrian minister explained that the first phase of the grid is currently under investment, between Syria, Egypt and Jordan and that before the end of this year the electricity grid will be installed to Turkey and in the first quarter of the year 2002 Lebanon will be linked to this project through Syria.

The Syrian minister explained that the electrical system of the 6 states can contain 50,000 megawatt and it can interfere in the moment when energy is required at emergency cases.

On Thursday, the Lebanese President Emil Lahoud received the ministers of energy and electricity who took part in the meetings of the ministerial committee of the 6th electrical grid states.

The Lebanese President learnt from the ministers about the results of their meetings and the debated issues and stages so far completed in the electricity grid operation between each of Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon as one electricity network.