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September 20, 1993

Will They Come Back toThis?

Palestinians: Building a homeland will put wealthy expatriates to the test



Dreaming Up Peace Projects

With peace at hand, some ambitious development projects no longer look so crazy. Beyond Israel and the occupoed territories, some other neighbors could benefit, too. A few of the Palestinians' fondest dreams:

POWER GRIDS: Interlocking electricity grids could save Israelis and Arabs millions of dollars.

CANAL: Linking the Red Sea and the Dead Sea would benefit transport and tourism in Israel and Jordan. Desalination plants could line the canal.

PORT: A deep-water facility in Gaza would allow Palestinians to import and export without going through cumbersome Israeli trade zones.

TOURIST ZONE: A free-travel region along the Gulf of Aqaba would remove barriers between Egypt, Israel and Jordan to help attract tourists.

HIGHWAYS: Travelers would be able to drive from Egypt straight through to Turkey.

REGIONAL METEOROLOGICAL CENTERS: Israelis and Arabs could cooperate in cloud-seeding programs, bringing more rainfall to the parched Middle East.