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GENI Initiative Presentation


On August 1998

by Vera Ubaldi

One hundred and twenty school children between the ages of eleven and thirteen in year level six and seven, took part in the GENI Initiative presentation at Woodcroft Primary School on Friday morning 28 August. Through discussion of topics affecting our environment and energy generation and use, the students were led to find the answer to the question:

"How do we make the world for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone?"

At the end of two and half-hours and a very exciting synergy game that they played in teams, they understood how the GENI Initiative could answer this question.

These 120 students will not forget this particular Friday morning or GENI, nor will they forget the synergy game.

"It was great fun and I liked the game of course. GENI is an environmental program that tries to help the environmental program that tries to help the environment to work together and achieve something that counts" Kimberley Day age 11

The game is for students, the clincher that brings al those lovely ideas into reality. Having had to learn to cooperate in order to play the game, they got their biggest learning and then GENI made absolute sense. The jubilation and celebration that goes on when students solve the synergy game is the highlight of the whole presentation.

That is another 120 excited and awed students, five teachers and special guests that now know about the GENI Initiative Such was the success of the presentation, we have attracted the attention of our Education Department to look further into our program with the view of funding and sponsorship to keep it going. And going we will as the Advertiser Newspaper Education section covered the event, who were most enthusiastic with what they heard and saw on the day. More schools are interested in running the program and we now need only funds to keep it going. For GENI SA this has been a big win, one that we have spent much time, resource and energy to make it happen.

"I learned that just one person can make a difference in the world" Andrew Brice age 12

Now we are seen as organization that has something to offer other that utopian solution for the planet.

( If only everyone could play the world Game then they could understand that there is nothing utopian about GENI).

This is not a warm fuzzy feeling about holding hands with our neighbours. This is about survival of our planet including ourselves.