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May 11, 2000

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Energy Secretary Richardson Launches New APEC Initiatives in San Diego

San Diego, Calif.-- Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson today launched three new energy efficiency initiatives as a result of the Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation(APEC) Energy Ministers Meeting. The Initiatives will begin this year. They include: APEC 21st Century Energy Development Initiative, APEC Energy Efficiency Standards Initiative and a Work Program on Energy Services.

"These new initiatives provide member economies with the opportunity to advance the use of renewable energy technology, encourage global standardization of energy efficiency standards and educate members and consumers on the benefits of energy services," said Secretary Richardson."They will also help promote privator sector involvement in every aspect of energy development within the APEC region."

The first, APEC 21st Century Renewable Energy Development Iniative's goal is to promote voluntary cooperatives efforts among member economies that encourage the use of renewable energy for sustainable economic development and growth. Potential activities include application of specific technologies such as the use of renewable energy for rural health care or education. An APEC Private Sector Renewable Energy Forum is planned to start this effort late this year or early next year.

A second initiative promotes greater development and standardization of energy effiency standards, testing procedures and labeling. The APEC Energy Effiency Standards Iniative will facilitate international trade and alleviate burdens on manufactures by improving standardization procedures. It will include partnering with APEC members to establish national test facilities and test programs for energy effiency appliances and equipment.

The Energy Working Groups Program on Energy Services will be Integrated into two existing APEC initiatives on natural gas and independent power production. Specifically, the first phase of the initiatives will consist of a series of workshops throughout the APEC region that will help member economies better understand how energy markets develop and change as a result of industry restructuring and market liberization. The second phase will be compiling and inventory of laws, regulations and government policies affecting the inventory of laws, regulations and government policies affecting the development and provision of energy services.The final phase will include additional workshops that will focus on practical application and marketing of new technologies and enhancing the business skills of regulators.

Each initiative is designed to join together APEC energy officials with the private sector to further attract foreign and domestic capital into the region.