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Armenian imports and exports of electricity 1980-2000

The national electricity transmission system of Armenia is operated by the state-owned firm ArmEnergo, and consists of 164 kilometers of 330 kilovolt (kV) lines, 1,320 kilometers of 220 kV lines, and 3,146 kilometers of 110 kV lines. A map of Armenia's electric transmission grid is shown above.

Armenia is part of the Trans-Caucasian Power Pool. However, Armenia's equipment designated for the power pool is no longer functioning due to the trade blockages by Azerbaijan and Turkey. There are also several transmission lines to neighboring areas that are not currently being used because of political conflicts. Besides these, there is a 220 kilovolt line connecting Armenia to Georgia that was reactivated in 1997 and also a 220 kV line built to Iran that has been used occasionally. In July 2002, Armenia and Iran signed an agreement to cooperate on electric power transmission, including construction of the Syunik-Center high-voltage power line. The Iranian company Sanir will invest $10 million for the construction, while as its part of the deal, Armenia will supply $10 million worth of electricity to Iran. Construction of the Armenian section of the line between Agarak and Shinuair could be completed before the end of 2003. Armenia currently trades power back and forth with Iran over existing power links - in summer Armenia exports electricity to Iran while in the winter it imports from Iran. Armenia also supplies some electricity to Georgia.


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