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VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid AG (abbreviated to APG), Austria’s leading electricity transporter. APG, with electricity grid lines totaling approx. 3,330 km and comprising 6,500 km’s worth of lines, is the backbone of the Austrian energy supply system. This grid facilitates the supraregional exchange of energy between producers and consumers and serves to ensure the stable provision of energy to the underlying distribution grids. For more information about this grid, please click here.

The Eco-electricity Act, which was announced on 23.8.2002 and fully came into effect on 1.1.2003, created a completely new set of tasks for APG. In the role of eco-balance group leader as foreseen by the new law, APG has become as of this year the central hub for the promotion of electricity generation from renewable sources (small hydropower stations, wind power, solar power, biomass etc.) in the APG control area covering over 85% of Austrian consumption.




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