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Croatia has four major hydroelectric plants in two main areas of the country -- the area near the Slovenian-Hungarian border and the area along the Adriatic coastline. The Varazdin hydro plant is located near the Slovenian-Hungarian border, and the three hydro plants along the Adriatic coastline are Senj, Obrova, and Zakucac. All of these are owned and operated by the national electricity company, Hrvatska Elektroprivreda (HEP).

The 486 megawatt (MWe) Zakucac hydroelectric plant is the largest power plant in Croatia, and is scheduled for renovation to improve its operability. A tender has been announced for the new 68.5 MWe Ombla hydroelectric plant proposed for a site on the Rijeka Dubrovacka river. Two additional hydropower plants have also been proposed, the 106 MWe Virje plant and the 42 MWe Lesce plant.

The Croatian electric power transmission system is owned and operated by HEP. The electricity distribution grid has three different voltages; there are 903 kilometers of 400-kV lines, 1,224 kilometers of 220-kV lines, and 4,760 kilometers of 110-kv lines. There are also five 400 kilovolt (kV) substations, fifteen 220/110-kV substations and 140 110-kV substations. A diagram of the major electricity transmission lines in Croatia is shown on the left.


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