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Installed electric generating capacity in the Caribbean exceeds 17 gigawatts (GW). In general, the region needs additional capacity. Several countries (including the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Cuba) experience power outages on a regular basis. Electricity demand in the region is expected to grow substantially in the coming decade.

The Caribbean's most significant producer of oil and gas is Trinidad and Tobago, which is becoming a major player in the world gas trade. The country has close to 32 Tcf of proven, probable and possible gas reserves. Trinidad is currently the largest exporter of LNG to the US, and is eager to increase its gas trade with its neighbors in an effort to spur regional economic development. Trinidadian LNG is already being supplied to Puerto Rico, and supplies will soon be delivered to the Dominican Republic for new and converted plants.

In 2002, oil production averaged about 141,500 barrels per day (bbl/d), of which 121,833 bbl/d was crude oil. Crude oil reserves, at an estimated 716 million barrels, are expected to last only another decade unless new reserves are found. In contrast, the country's natural gas reserves are expected to increase significantly in coming years. Proven natural gas reserves currently stand at 23.5 trillion cubic feet (Tcf). In 2001, the country produced 536 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas.


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