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Southern African Renewable Energy
Information Network

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Co-operation between the EU and Southern Africa to Promote Renewable Energy

There are 7 Southern African countries involved in the SAREIN project.  Each country has their own national Renewable Energy Information Network (REIN), lead by a SAREIN Network Partner.  Click here to see the team

This web site pulls together  information from each of the REINs.  The information can be accessed by either clicking on the map or on the REIN logos, below.  Information available includes:

South Africa
  • News (Newsletters, News Flashes)
  • Renewable Energy Projects (Project and System Information)
  • Stakeholders (Key Renewable Energy Players)
  • Activities (Promotional Activities, Events, Publications)

The seven member countries' national Renewable Energy Information Networks are:

Botswana - REINBO
Lesotho - REINLES
Mozambique - REINMOZ
Namibia - REINNAM
South Africa - REINSA
Swaziland - REINSWA
Zimbabwe - REINZIM


ETSU and BCEOM are the European consortium, acting for the European Commission.  Please click on the logo for details of their involvement in SAREIN. 


The EU Co-ordinator and Project Manager is Mr Andrew Lamb, sarein@aeat.co.uk

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