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Asian Wind Potential

Rising energy demands due to rapid industrialization, combined with soaring oil prices and worrying levels of pollution leave many Asian countries but one choice: diversify their energy sources.The region is increasingly turning to renewable energy.

And even the countries which are investing in nuclear power (China, India, South Korea) promote also renewable energy options. Eric Martinot (Qinghua University Beijing) says that China is the world's leading investor in renewable energy. China's target is to have renewable sources produce 10 percent of its power by 2010 - not counting large hydropower projects such as the Three Gorges Dam. In comparison, by 2010, less three percent of China's electricity will come from nuclear power. India plans to create 10 percent of its power supply through renewable energy by 2012. Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines also have ambitious policy targets for renewable sources.
The Philippines uses sugar cane waste to produce power. More than 30 million Chinese get their hot water from solar heaters. And India is Asia's leading user of wind energy.

Martinot says there is a growing belief in the investment community that renewable energy is a serious business opportunity. Multilateral lending agencies such as the Asian Development Bank as well as a number of donor countries like Germany and Japan are injecting increasing amounts of money into renewable energy in Asia.
Renewable energy is especially beneficial for those living in Asia's rural areas, where many people are not connected to the power-grid. In China, biogas for rural home lighting and cooking - produced in small plants - is widespread, while the Philippines has solar community battery charging stations. (1)

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