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The New and Renewable Energy sector is growing in strategic importance, particularly in the Middle East where energy demand is extremely close to outstripping supply, and Governments are looking for alternative sources of energy.

Forecasts suggest that by 2050, up to half of the UAE's required energy will come from renewable sources. Solar energy, the cleanest source in environmental terms, is likely to form a large percentage.

The opportunities in the Middle East for new and renewable energy are endless. As the region looks to preserve its main wealth of oil and gas, the development and implementation of renewable energy will continue to increase to cope with the regionís escalating power demand.

Countries in the region which have already implemented, or any planning to implement new and renewable energies include Syria, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iran, Bahrain and Lebanon. (1)

(1) http://www.middleeastelectricity.com/Renewable/New-and-RenewableEnergy.html

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