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Geothermal Energy in the USA

This Geothermal Resource Potential map was produced using the Southern Methodist University Geothermal Laboratory two databases: Western Geothermal Data and Heat Flow Data. The data gradients, thermal conductivities, heat flow and depth to maximum temperature were all used to create this map. Spring and volcano locations are from the USGS. The geopressure locations are from the Department of Energy (DOE) map "Known Potential Areas for Geothermal Resources in the United States," by JL Renner and TL Vaught, using data published by Muffler, L.J.P., ed., Assessment of Geothermal Resources of the United States--1978, U. S. Geol. Surv. Circ. 790, 163 pp., 1979.


Renewable Potential Maps (EIA)

Renewable Potential Maps present an integrated picture of renewable energy resources in each U.S. Census Division. Solar, geothermal, and wind energy potentials and indicators of hydroelectric and biomass energy potentials (fuelwood harvested, rivers, and precipitation) are presented.

The Renewable Potential Map series includes maps of each of the nine U.S. Census Divisions and individual State maps of Alaska, California, and Hawaii.

Regions/ States

Alaska | California | New England | East North Central Division | East South Central Division | Hawaii | Middle Atlantic | Mountain Division | Pacific Division | South Atlantic | West North Central Division | West South Central Division

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