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Hydroenergy Potential in Alaska

Low/head/low power water energy sites in Alaska

The map shows 20 hydrologic regions. The Alaska Region contains the largest total potential with its slightly less than 90,000 MW of potential, which is approximately 30% of the total power potential of the United States.
The Pacific Northwest Region has the second highest amount of total potential with slightly more than 76,000 MW of potential. Together these two regions contain over half (55%) of the U.S. power potential.

The percentage of total power potential for the United States as a whole is just slightly less than 60%. The total annual mean power density for the United States is slightly more than 80 kW/sq mi, which corresponds to an average energy density of approximately 2,000 kWh/sq mi/day.

for more detailed information: http://hydropower.inel.gov/resourceassessment/pdfs/03-11111.pdf

Renewable Potential Maps (EIA)

Renewable Potential Maps present an integrated picture of renewable energy resources in each U.S. Census Division. Solar, geothermal, and wind energy potentials and indicators of hydroelectric and biomass energy potentials (fuelwood harvested, rivers, and precipitation) are presented.

The Renewable Potential Map series includes maps of each of the nine U.S. Census Divisions and individual State maps of Alaska, California, and Hawaii.

Regions/ States

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