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Bioenergy Resources in Australia

Bionergy Resources in Victoria

Agricultural Resources

Agriculture Resource Example–Number of sows per postcode

The above map indicates the number of sows per postcode and was sourced from the Victorian Piggeries Association. Bioenergy from agriculture generally comes in the form of wastes such as animal or crop waste.


Municipal Solid Waste Resources: Household Waste

Municipal Solid Waste Resource Example–Total of kilograms of waste per household

The above map shows municipal Solid Waste by Local Government Area and was sourced from EcoRecycle. Municipal solid waste incorporates recycling waste, green waste, and garbage waste. These three components make up the total waste shown in the above map. The majority of garbage collected ends up in landfill sites. Landfill sites can be used to produce electricity from the decomposing process of garbage and subsequent gas produced.

Sewage Resources Sludge

Sewage Resource Example–Dry tonnes of sludge produced per year

Dry sludge is a waste produced within Victorian's sewage network. It is recorded by water authority boundaries and was sourced from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Wood Resource Construction and Demolation Waste

Wood Resource Example–Construction and Demolition tonnes ('000) produced per year

Construction and Demolition waste is recorded for Regional Waste Management groups and was sourced from EcoRecycle. Other wood waste resources include waste from commercial and industrial development and also from timber processing.



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