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Norway will solve manure problems by 2010

Nov 5, 2007 - UPI

Norway is looking to solve a manure problem with a large biogas plant, which will allow farmers to turn their animals' mess into energy by 2010.

Some1,500 farmers in the Ha municipality will benefit for the project, which mainly aims to help Norway meet climate goals but also solves a surplus manure problem on the farms of Jaeren, Aftenposten reported Monday.

About 4,237,760 cubic feet of animal manure and wet organic waste will be used to produce 50 gigawatt hours of climate neutral methane when the project is finished.

The plant will reduce CO2 emissions by up to 70,000 tons and the 50 gigawatt hours will cover the annual energy use of about 2,750 homes.

The plant will also allow farmers to store additional manure during the winter, reducing manure transport and nitrogen acidification of the air.