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Australia finds way to capture CO2 from pwr station flue gases

Jul 9, 2008 - Asia In Focus

The CSIRO has achieved a major breakthrough for Australia by capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from power station flue gases, it's energy technology chief says. The landmark was achieved at the post-combustion-capture (PCC) pilot plant at Loy Yang Power Station in Victoria's Latrobe Valley.

* "PCC uses a liquid to capture CO2 from power station flue gases and can potentially reduce CO2 emissions from existing and future coal-fired power stations by more than 85 per cent," CSIRO energy technology chief Dr David Brockway said in a statement.

* "This is the first time anyone in the Southern Hemisphere has captured CO2 using the PCC process at a power station and we are thrilled we've been able to prove this technology," Dr Brockway said.