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Israel utility IEC considers low-carbon power alternatives

Mar 11, 2010 - Power Engineering International

Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) is considering building a 1200 MW nuclear power plant and a 1000 MW solar array, instead of building a coal fired integrated gasification combined-cycle (IGCC) power plant, due to come online in 2020. IEC deputy CEO Moshe Bachar said that the transition to environmentally friendly energy sources was essential, and that higher electricity rates were inevitable. According to Bachar, Israel's future energy economy would be based on environmentally friendly energy sources: nuclear power, natural gas, and renewable energy The company will only use coal fired power plants as back-up and to secure electricity supplies.

The idea for building a nuclear power plant again came up for discussion at government ministries, after Jordan announced plans to build a nuclear power plant near Aqaba.

If IEC decides to build a nuclear plant and a solar power plant, it will face technical hurdles, regulatory difficulties and major opposition from private power producers.

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