ISO Launches Renewable Power Web Tools on Earth Day

ISO Launches Renewable Power Web Tools on Earth Day

Apr 22, 2010 - Business Wire

How green is the grid? As of today, Earth Day, the public can view the level of renewable power that is helping keep the lights on. The California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO) opened access to the data via two web-based tools that make clean, green energy production transparent on an hourly and daily basis.

Today's Wind provides an hour-by-hour chart showing the output of California's major wind resource areas. It breaks down wind's contribution to the grid at any given hour in the day. To access, go to and click on Today's Outlook, which gives the real-time snapshot of the current supply and demand of power.

Renewables Watch is a look back at the total renewable power output from the day before. It captures the megawatts produced from wind, solar, biomass, biogas, geothermal and small hydroelectricity. The daily report offers a comprehensive look at the diverse resource mix in California and charts output over the course of the day, hour-by-hour.

"This type of data has been invaluable to the ISO as we integrate more renewable resources into grid and market operations," said ISO Vice President of Policy and Client Services Karen Edson. "We're making this data public so people can see the significant and growing role renewable resources are playing in California."

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The California ISO operates the state's wholesale transmission grid, providing open and non-discriminatory access supported by a competitive energy market and comprehensive planning efforts. Partnering with more than 90 client organizations, the ISO is dedicated to the continual development and reliable operation of a modern grid that operates at the least cost to the benefit of consumers. The ISO bulk power market allocates space on transmission lines, maintains operating reserves and matches supply with demand. Recognizing the importance of global climate change, the ISO welcomes new, advanced technologies that will help meet the energy needs of 30 million Californians efficiently and cleanly. The ISO is a nonprofit public benefit corporation.