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Cuba Focuses Efforts on Renewable Energy

Jun 11, 2012 - energycentral.com

Cuba looks forwards to adding a 16.5 percent renewable energy contribution to the country's energy output as a crucial factor for security, sustainability and sovereignty. The statement was made on Thursday by the director of the renewable energy division Manuel Menendez at prime-time TV show "The Round Table", which focused on Energy and the Environment. Menendez said that less than 32 thousand entities in the country are using renewable energy, including sun, wind, biomass, biogas and hydroelectric energy. The Cuban official explained that this picture is to be changed in tune with the Communist Party economic guidelines and he noted that although it is a task being undertaken by state central administration entities, the whole society must play its role in this regard. He mentioned the conclusion of a wind- power map of the island and the construction of three experimental wind farms in different regions, which have contributed important electricity output, oil saving and less environmental pollution. Specialist Barbara Hernandez said that the sugar industry must give a significant contribution to this effort with a more efficient electricity generation based on sugar cane wastes. The TV show, which also counted on the participation of experts from the agriculture, electricity and environment sectors, exposed the benefits that stem from the use of renewable energy sources.

Originally published by Info-Prod Strategic Business Information.