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Enzyme Technology

2008 - Iogen

Enzyme technology is one of the key areas of Iogen's innovation. Iogen owns and operates a large-scale state-of-the-art enzyme manufacturing facility in Ottawa, Canada. The plant serves customers around the world with products designed for specific-use applications. The company's core skills include protein engineering, enzyme expression, fermentation development, enzyme manufacturing, enzyme application engineering, and operation of enzyme-based reactions.

Iogen's enzymes are now used in the pulp and paper, textile and animal feed industries. In the pulp and paper industry, Iogen enzymes help decrease the amount of chlorinated chemicals used in bleaching, as well as reduce production costs. In the textile, industry enzymes help fade, soften or depill fabrics and garments. In the animal feed industry, enzymes help chickens and pigs digest their food. Iogen's enzyme products include the BioBriteŽ, DenabraideŽ, and FibrilaseŽ enzyme product lines.

Iogen's line of enzymes for cellulosic ethanol production is currently being used in the company's demonstration plant. These enzymes will be available for sale in conjunction with technology licenses for the cellulosic ethanol facilities in the future.

What are enzymes?
* Enzymes are "active" proteins that can increase (catalyze) the rate of biochemical reactions.
* Enzymes are natural chemicals made and used by living organisms but are themselves "non-living".
* Industrial enzymes are safe and natural. Enzymes are even used to make foods such as pop, fruit, bread and beer!